Wednesday, 11 December 2013

My Vintage Room Tour

Hello again darling,

I do hope you are all having a groovy day? 

Now are you all comfy as this is going to be a long one. Are you perched on slumped or maybe on a hammock (applause to you, my friend)? And have you all replenished your supply of biscuits or maybe you were feeling tremendously empty and felt the need for a full-on feast. Which ever took you fancy, I hope this will to.

I've been wanting you to feast your eyes upon my room for quite some time now. I am rather proud of it, you see. It has taken me quite a bit of re-positioning before this was achieved. The vintage flare runs throughout. 

I was actually thinking that after all my efforts, cleaning, sourcing ideas, DIYing and then repeating once more; that there might be a few tips or ideas you could magpie. Let me know in the comments if you like it or anything you would change that you think would make it, how shall we say, charming. 

  • Little things to look out for that make the room a bit more special and personal include:
  • My grandma's rose pink porcelain trinket box (on my dressing table to store my earrings in)
  • My vintage magnets (bought in a boutique store in Clarens, South Africa - on my white board)
  • The three antique plates hanging on my wall (my mom's which she inherited)
  • The pig-leather travel luggage bag (on top of my shelf cupboard, it was my dad's, bought on one of his many travels many decades ago)
  • My floral head wreath on the wall (made at my best-friend's birthday party)

Enjoy x

PS. The photo's are not in order.

My makeshift dressing table. Works a treat actually!

My grandma's rose pink trinket box. It's a bit chipped at the side but I think this adds to it's history. 

The little wooden ladybird was made by me at a craft fair. It's etched into the wood.

My desk. The place where mind miracles happen.

My shelf cupboard. The top shelf is home to my dad's old leather travelling bag but the shadow is towering over slightly. Underneath are the cream metal tins and the two wooden woven baskets with clothes and socks in. And finally, at the bottom, is my dressing table shelf. 

I keep my jewellery in this sectioned box which my Mom made and she used to keep tea in. I've 'borrowed' it.

My vintage magnets: one advertising M. Singer and Son's Lemon Soda, the other advertising Alpen Glow's Pale Dry Ginger Ale.

My shelves on the wall. 

My DIYed chair. We (me and my mom) made this last summer. We sanded down an old garden chair that wasn't being used and re-painted it white. Then we added a cushion on the seat.

My sunglasses hanger, hanging from hooks on the shelves.

My mannequin. I got this for Christmas one year, after months and months of endless pleading and begging. Recently, I've glammed it up a bit with broaches and necklaces which were acquired after a raid through Mom's jewellery drawer. 

My floral head wreath on the wall.

A close up of my mannequin. I've also added some safety pins and sewing pins for extra sparkle.

Hanging on my wardrobe handles.

My beautiful bunting!

Excuse the darkness but this is my chandelier.

And so after that rather rambling post, I hope you are all of to re-design your own or someone else's rooms; or at least enjoyed looking at mine. Hopefully it didn't bore your socks off!

Get busy!
Love Dani x


  1. How nostalgic!: your room reminds me of my bedroom at my Grandma's. My favourite parts of your room are your wall shelves, shelf cupboard, and the plates on your wall!♥ Fresh flowers/a strawberry plant /or a small cactus would really suit your room. :)

    1. Haha! Thanks! And that's actually a really good idea, I think fresh flowers would be really pretty <3

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  3. OMG I actually love your room. You are so lucky, it is simply gorgeous!!!! From Lauren xx ps: not anonymous just didn't know what else to put it as xxx

    1. Haha. Thank you so much, I'm so happy you like it! It's taken so long to get it like this - so many weekends of looking in charity shops and DIYing bits and pieces. Finally I am absolutely in love! xx