Tuesday, 10 December 2013

40 Interessting, Quirky and Somewhat Witty, Facts About Little Old Me

Why hello there,

I haven't really done a 'personal' blog post before so I thought I would just give it a go. I've seen a lot of 'Things you didn't know about me' blog posts, or something similar, so I just thought I would take a whack at it. 

I wrote down a few ideas and then, miserably, ran out of creative things you would find interesting to know. Therefore, feeling inspiration-less, I scoured the great big wide web for some other 'Facts about me' blog posts to start my thinking juices flowing and rekindle my fire of great ideas. I have, all in all, decided to change the name of the post from 'Things you probably didn't know about me', to 'Facts about me'. I just think it's a tad more fitting to what the post will actually be, as some of the facts you may already know. Blame the creative part of my brain: it's decided to hibernate tonight!

PS. I'm not sure how many I'll do, I'll just keep 'em coming till I run out of things to say.

I was born on a Saturday.

This, therefore, is my favourite day of the week.

I can't and won't drink hot chocolate that has been made with water (milk only please!).

I was born in South Africa.

Obviously, this makes me South African.

My Daddy is German.

So this makes me half South African, half German.

I am fortunate enough to be bilingual in English and German.

I can count to 10 in English, German, Italian, Afrikaans and French.

I would love to be fluent in Mandarin.

I find the Ancient World History fascinating.

My favourite subjects in school are Art, English, History, ICT and Drama.

My worst subjects in school are PE, Maths and French.

I am a very creative being.

I am, according to an online test, half a 'kinesthetic learner' and half a 'visual learner'.

I am a very animal friendly person.

I am a very optimistic person.

I think I am quite a bossy person, but this makes me a very     good team leader.

When I grow up, I would like to be either a Forensic Scientist, a Fashion Stylist, a Journalist or an Architect.

When I was younger, I used to want to be a cleaner or a Olympic swimmer.

One of my most favourite hobbies is swimming.

I hate running around with a passion.

I moved from South Africa to England in 2006.

My two bestest ever friends are called Shannon and Bea.

I have a very vintage style.

Hence, my room has a very vintage feel throughout the decor.

I love to read.

I am a total Potterhead.

One place I would love to go to is Italy. 

I love travelling around the world and seeing other countries.

But I hate flying in a plane because I get very travel sick.

I have never broken any bones.

Pinterest is my happy place.

Christmas is my favourite time of the year. I love Christmas!

One of my biggest regrets in life is not realising earlier that I shouldn't give a jellytot about what other people think of me.

I go to Church regularly and enjoy it very much; I think it teaches me a lot about life.

I am a bit obsessed with planning and list making  (for no good reason, just because it's fun!).

I can't wear any wool that is not cashmere; I just find it really itchy and completely unbearable to wear.

I feel most irritated when someone doesn't have decent table manners.

I watch Downton Abbey religiously.

Love you all Angels,
Dani xxx

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