Sunday, 29 December 2013

Christmas Day Breakfast and The Big Meal

A good morning, good afternoon and good evening to you all, complete with a hearty squashing hug.

Before I begin, I tell you now, this may be a lengthy one so it would be wise to grab any edible substances within an arms-length radius and hoard until one feels peckish, or, quite like me, ravenous. Suggestions could include the ever-popular tea and biscuits to fill in as a light snack; something more heart, warming a nod festive such as a soup; or, the wisest option, in my opinion: a full on roast. Get comfortable, pile up the pillows, snuggle down in the duvets, stretch out over the grass. If you happen to be on or in, either a hammock,  a homemade den or a tent - for whatever reason (well done to you). 

And scroll on...

It has indeed been Christmas Day and I do hope you all had a most splendid time, filled with laughter, joy and many a well wishing! I greatly enjoyed spending the day with my family and just enjoying the moment for the moment; so there are not many pictures. I do think it would be a bit of light fun to take a gander through the days photos to gain ideas or whatnot for any other fanciful day, night, event or maybe you just feel like going glamourous on full whack at any random, absurd or un-given time (and I would applaud you for it). The menu was rather versatile so I imagine you would be able to rustle up something similar at any time, throughout the year, not just Christmas; alternatively, there is still next year.

P.S. The pictures are not in order, sorry.

We had French toasted croissants, dolloped on Mascarpone cheese, drizzled over some berry coulis and dusted in icing sugar. Simply scrumptious and terribly easy to make, if one bakes the croissants the day before. 

The centrepiece: the turkey. Soaked in orange juice and smothered in maple syrup and covered in bacon rashers. Such a eye-catching beauty, in its own way. And of course, the platter is adorned with apricot, sage and cranberry stuffing balls and devils-on-horseback (dates/prunes wrapped in bacon). 

Red cabbage and Parmesan roasted potatoes - so scrummy!

The delicious green bean, chorizo and roast nuts salad.

How can one not have Yorkshire Puds on a Roast Dinner table? And naturally, in the Christmas spirit, complete with honey roasted carrots and parsnips.

The starter was scallops and chorizo in a chilli, citrus and chive vinaigrette. Went down a treat!  

 Being traditionally lazy, we bought a Brussels sprout, Stilton, bacon and bread crumb bake from Aldi. It was so nice and such a treat. A nice alternative to plain Brussels sprouts.

All plated up...

And there we have it, the foody pictures from Christmas Day. Hopefully you did not find them too boring and maybe even had a bit of inspiration. 

Have a wonderful Christmas season,
Love Dani x

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