Saturday, 8 March 2014

An Ode to Friendship


Bit of a personal one today. Get ready for all the feels and fuzzies 'cos this ones gonna be one of those! I'm in that mood.

Many moons ago, I met my best ducky at a Gifted and Talented Maths course; and was it not the most beautiful start to a wonderful friendship? Indeed. I thought she was weird and an extreme extrovert, but the feeling was probably not mutual. I'm not a very 'people person' before you get to know me. She shares my passionate love for art, design and fashion. She is a beautiful pumpkin with hair to die for, a gorgeous figure and an anomalous, still-to-be accepted by society, sense of humour. Love you, Shannipops xxx

About a year later, another special cupcake moved into town and joined our friendship-nest; Beatwix. She is so beautiful, kind, caring and talented. I love having our abundantly-occurring, deep debating sessions about both serious and vain, trivial topics. She shares my attraction to cartoon characters, bunnies, Harry Potter and good music (although, this could be argued - she may disagree). Love you Bea xxx.

We've been through thick and thin and all the many bucket-fulls of tears and laughters that sneak their way in-between. You always help me and I like to think I return the favours. I think of you both as sisters. Sometimes I wish we could move in together and have endless, continuous sleepovers. Who needs school? Our friendship is still going strong, and will hopefully continue to do so. You two will be my bridesmaids when I get married to some rich prince in the future.

To clarify; our fashion sense does not normally sway into this path. This was our 'controversial dressing' picture.

I have no words to describe this picture. I think it speaks for itself.

When I leave my camera alone and unprotected for a few minutes; I am left with innumerable pictures of these two silly faces - pixels and blurs complementary.

I have many more uninspiring shots of you lovlies to share.

I think we should set aside a special, annual day to celebrate us.

Pip Pip! Toodles!
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    1. I know Lovely, you took them. xx

    2. just thought I'd comment bc I've already spoken to you online and in person but I felt left out of the commenting situation in hand right here right now, donot mind me I'm just doing my buisness commmenting on comments so don't worry right now, I'm feeling extraordianarily strange becasuse i have made lots of mistakes I can feel it but I've not looked at the screen the whoile time typing it along wit h some othyer marvelous and ownderful things I dared my self to do. WOW I feeel like I'm on some sort of internet rant/row beacsue I've never written so much in such a small space so quickly!! wowzaz I'd better stop now,I can feel an angry blogger coming onto me. Love you lots and liots and lots and lotso so pls dnt kll me. xooxisixsooxox