Tuesday, 4 March 2014

A Flippin' Good Pancake Day

Howdy fella's,

Today's been a flippin' good day! 
(Flippin'. Geddit? Pancakes?)
Oh, I do make myself titter. Stop it. I need to control myself, sorry. 

Mon breakfast.
 This tickled my pancake pickle, very much so. 
Ooh, I do feel like quite the gourmet chef: 
Paleo pancakes, blueberry syrup, natural yoghurt, and all. 

Look at me; the food rebel. 
Spaghetti bolognese on a banana and sweetcorn fritter/pancake. 
Is this not the most daring shibang, indeed. I thank you.
This Pancake Day I resolved to make banana pancakes so as to stick to my long-in-progress resolution of eating healthy.  They did not gain my approval as eye-candy, although, on the taste scale: trés bien! I feel very sophisticated speaking in Français, non?

Oh, pretty please: share with me your Pancake Day shenanigans and recipes. Feed my imagination. 

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  1. very good ideas!! my pancake thoughts: maybe add cinnamon to the batter? and of course, lemon and sugar pancakes! lots of love and thank you for another great blog post dani, cant wait for more!! You're so creative!!

    1. Absolutely! I love lemon and sugar - I'm a traditional girl! Haha! And cinnamon too - yum! I'll remember these ideas, thank you! xxxx