Friday, 28 February 2014

2 Ingredient Banana Pancakes Ideas


Crikey! February has flown by! What with wheelbarrows-full of homework to do and not enough time to do it in; I already feel very ready for another break. Is it not nearly meant to be the summer holidays? Apparently not. The excitement is building for March, indeed! It is now 22 days until my birthday *silently screams and cries tears of joy* and amidst planning my shindigs and merriments; I have been crying at the fact that I won't be devouring too many pancakes this year.

As usual, and I hope I am not alone, Pancake Day brings back annual memories of cleverly disguised flying pancakes, chocolate smeared faces and many moments of embracing life's larger messes. This year, my New Year resolution was to eat healthier and I have been following a so-called plan, thus meaning that pancakes will not be on the menu cards this year. I am metaphorically crying as I type.

I have, however, found some genius recipes of 'banana-pancakes/fritters'. Enticing, and exciting! 
The batter is made entirely of only two ingredients (mashed banana and egg) which suits my corner-cutting mind perfectly and they are deliciously healthy; which, honestly, is the main motive. Also, they sound simply darling and lets not pretend that isn't a major incentive!

Ideas (because I get stuck in routines far too often for my likings and, lets be honest, lemon and sugar, again? I think not.)... Lets get cracking!

Banana and blueberry pancakes with vanilla fromage frais and honey

Banana and sweetcorn fritters with bacon *dribbles*

Sweet potato, rosemary and goats cheese fritters (ooh, feeling fancy)

Rhubarb and banana pancakes with vanilla fromage frais and rhubarb compote

Now I really am far too excited for Pancake Day to arrive. Why wait till Pancake Day, though *considers making some now*?

PS. And, yes, a new font for a nearly new month. Radical!

What are your March-ly plans? Forgive me, I'm curious.

Cheerio, Pip Pip!
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  1. this is a really great post, i cant wait to try this out especially as it is now pancake day!!

    1. That hank you! I ended up making the blueberry and banana pancakes; and the sweet corn ones but I had it with spaghetti bolognese sauce instead xx