Monday, 17 February 2014

Be Yourself.

Be Yourself, *says the perfectionist*.

In case you hadn't noticed already, this is me trying to unique and out-going. This, is my version of outgoing. Where as others might find 'out-going' to be going to parties or riding some high-speed roller-coaster (which, I do indeed, find highly thrilling, also); my 'out-going@ has come down to this: trying a new style of writing on my blog.

Maybe, this isn't so much a new style of writing, more, a new burst of creativity and flair.

And, alas, as I was sitting in my kitchen at approximately 18:00, with the outside world already dark, in my kitchen, painting some abstract design that I had no vision as to what it would be or what it currently was; I realised that I was being rather hypocritical. I was, and am, telling everyone to 'Be Yourself@, and there I was, trying to make my paper look perfect. Embarrassingly, I was trying to 'impress' people by making my work look the ;best' it could.

Then I tried to stop being so perfect (rather, quite hard for such a obsessive fusspot, if you will). I probably should have stopped gradually as now you can see the beginning half of the work and the end half, definitely split. Oh well, let's not worry! It doesn't have to be perfect!

(So much so, that I was constructing a makeshift, amateurish 'light-thing' out of a torch and some packet oats as a base; as the natural light had decided to go to bed.)

Love always,
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