Saturday, 15 February 2014

Current Darling Favourites


I've been thinking about the things that make me happy; or are making me happy recently. I've also been thinking about the things that I find thoughtful, not so much happy, but the things I find interesting or maybe funny. Really I have been thinking about the things I find quite darling, and I have compiled them into an unconventional list. 

+  I've been listening to this

+  I've been loving this book

+  I shared this pretty picture of my nails on Instagram

+  I have been adoring Diana's blog

+  Vintage cards and papers

+  I have enjoyed reading Joy's blog

+  Creative Chocolate Bark

+  Amy's beautiful DIY Ice Cream Parlour

+  In my Summer wardrobe cart

+  I've been loving the idea of darling 'food bars'

+  Next on my reading list

+  I made this delightful 'pizza'

+  Sometimes it's good to read inspirational quotes and messages

If you would like to see my whole favourites shenanigans, you can see a similar post, here, that I wrote in January on my favourite things then. 

What have you been loving?

Cheerio! Happy Saturday!
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