Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Summertime Anticipations

Bonjour lovelies,

Today I felt more excited than I have for some time; despite my many oncoming tests and excursions into the mad world of revision (which, by the way, are the nasty reason I have been hiding away from the social world, and thus, not uploading any new posts - sorry!). This past week, I have been noticing the first delightful signs of springtime; which, to be quite clear, makes me absolutely thrilled! The first blossoms have begun to show their cheeky heads and the lovely daffodils have started to bloom and grow. 

I thank you Pinterest, for letting me borrow this beautiful quote;
even though I don't know where it originally came from.
With all these springtime pleasures popping up around us; it was very unexpected and surprising, today, to see little bits of flaky snow falling. I, now, am in somewhat of an emotional frenzy as I am not sure whether to be excited for the coming of spring or to hope for a last-minute burst of snow (which, disappointingly, will probably not turn into anything much more exciting). Nonetheless, I am looking forward to the year ahead; and the next few days - if the snow does turn out to be the white winter dream, that is.

This summer I plan to cram every possible adventure and fun-filled enjoyment into my days. (See how I switched topic there? Smooth...)

My Summer To-Do List, if you will...
  1. Bake a cake that is MARVELLOUS
  2. Have a 'proper', home made picnic
  3. Have a home made photo shoot
  4. Make s'mores 
  5. Camp outside
  6. Have a three-day sleepover
  7. Do, and video, a make-up challenge
  8. Visit an art gallery
  9. Go charity shop shopping
  10. Go to the beach
  11. Have a Disney movie marathon
  12. Have a Harry Potter movie marathon
  13. Volunteer at a homeless shelter
  14. Go fruit picking
  15. Have a water balloon fight
  16. Go on a wander to no where in particular
  17. Have a barbecue
  18. Read
  19. Go wild-flower collecting
  20. Start a diary

What are all your plans for the summer?
Love always,
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