Saturday, 22 February 2014

Homemade Burgers, Anyone?

Howdy chums,

Fork up! This is one to tickle your tastebuds!

How are we all? I, for one, am feeling splendidly spectacular (alliteration going on here. Oh yes!). 

There was a definite ambiance of excitement in the kitchen today. Being a creature of habit, I find it quite easy, and shamefully comforting, to settle into a same-old-same-old routine. I think, sometimes, we forget about the wide world of creative inspiration and we fill our mouths with the same, unchanged menus.  

Ever since I was little, making home-made burgers has always been a 'thing' in our household. I am rather partial to the happy memories of gobbling down a burger after having prepared it with my Mama and Papa. Ah, nostalgia...

Yes, you read correctly. Home-made. Burgers. And, delicious! Strange! Peculiar! How can this be, I hear you ask. Well, hold your horses! Forget about those pre-conceived, doubtful ideas of stale bread, limp lettuce, and dry burgers. Forget about those embarrassing encounters with the Food Police; and have a cheeky listen to this. Today, I ventured again into this scrumptious world and we had the spiffing idea to have these beauties for lunch. Such a wonderful idea *drools*! Pop the kettle on, grab some snacks and let out your inner chef - because, I tell you, you will be transported to Foodie Heaven.

This was taken 5 mississippis
before my burger collapsed.
Layer up: beef, cottage cheese, mushrooms, onions, cucumber,
fried egg, black pepper. Not sure how this all fits
together, but, ho hey! What difference does it make
when it tastes this scrummy?!

Did these tickle your pickle? Geddit! Food, pickle? Oh, I do make myself titter! Forgive me. I need to control myself.

Love you,
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