Friday, 14 February 2014

DIY Beauty Facials


Today, being the first day of a long-needed holiday from school, deserved some celebration. Coinciding, of course, with the longed-for spring; I felt it was time for a spot of refreshment, rejuvenation and a little TLC. February can unquestionably be a sluggish hindrance (word of the day; go me!); and I was looking for a creative and unique way to add some sparkle and make the rest of the month one full of sprightly stepping and gleeful boogying and bopping. With any luck, I will not be the only somebody who buries under the covers, lets the Orang-utan genes take over, and only reappears from hibernation at the delightful first signs of spring.

After a cheeky search through the beloved Pinterest, I magpied a few ideas and recipes of some so-called 'DIY Beauties' and decided, on a whim, to give them a go (obviously with the intentions of ending with the face of a supermodel). Despite my on-going will to try out a few of these budget-savvy ideas, I was somewhat wary of what effects the untested concoctions would have on my skin and whether it would actually work. First I sampled the tempting 'Anti-Redness and Moisturiser Facial' (I was rather intrigued, to say the least); using the juice of a lemon, a squidge (such a satisfying word: squidge) of honey and an egg. I was, to my surprise, most thrilled with the results. 

PS. A word of precautionary warning: Wash all of the egg off absolutely, completely; or one may end up with an attractive look of scrambled egg on ones hair - as I did.

Getting surgical with the eggs and lemon
The next mixture to scour my face (weird concept there) was a 'Lemon, Honey and Sugar Facial Scrub'

Half a lemon, a squidge of honey and a liberal
dash of salt or sugar (whichever takes your fancy)
Oh dear! What happened here? I do believe this is a cheeky mid-makeover piccy - complete with dripping face.
I feel like this should have been burned immediately. 
Again, the results were marvellous and this is definitely going to have to become a loved part of my regime. I left the bathroom a happy bunny with a spanking, fresh face. 

If you are a keen bean (which I do so hope you are), you can pilfer or pin more of my DIY Beauties - or just general beauty whatsits - over on my Pinterest.

What are you all doing to revive you senses for summer? Anything I should contemplate?

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