Monday, 16 June 2014

Reviewing Jamie's Italian

Alrighty, it's happening. A review on the blog, C'mon, get stuck in - I'm already elbow deep.

Today was spent out/in Liverpool city centre and docklands: an inspiring morning in the Liverpool Tate, and a very inviting, lively afternoon shopping in Liverpool ONE.

Lunch was consumed, on a whim, at Jamie's Italian (a very good choice). And we begin.

After an hours wait as a 5-seater table was not available inside, we finally were seated. This was all tickety-boo as it was a gorgeous day; a rainy day would have had a damper effect on the waiting (punny... I'll stop). We waited 10 minutes at the bar and then made our way to a delightful table with an exciting street-view.

The restaurants d├ęcor was exceptional - very modern and yet very vintage, too. An industrial, rustic feel runs throughout the building, complete with factory-style light fittings, wooden tables and metal framed chairs (all in pastel shades, because, frankly, life's too short to be without pastels). The table set was vintage and chic, minimal, and with an Italian flare.

The service was outstanding. Our waitress was especially clear and informative on the dishes, really knew her stuff, and was very polite and friendly. The food arrived, from ordering to the table, in a flash, which pleased myself greatly. 

The photos are minimal, though, it does prove a challenge to capture the memories with a waitress hovering around. My lack of social standing-out confidence reminds me why I shouldn't become a photographer. I planned to capture my delicious pasta and fresh fruit sorbet, alas, I only managed the artisan bread platter with olive and chilli.

Plan a visit and let me know how it was. Feed my curiosity. xx

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