Thursday, 5 June 2014

Orange and black playsuit.

Friends! Hi! I want to reach through the inter-web and salute you with a virtual hug. That's cool, right? And, it's June. What the hey? The weather... It's all a covert joke that everyone but me is in on. I'm right, right? I know. So, um, besides whipping um a dang good Overnight Banana Oatmeal, I can also wear black and orange. (I'm changing the subject and you didn't even notice. No. You didn't. Smooth...)

Whether I'm wearing this black and orange pallete to my advantage or not is still an incognito sunject - no one has ever been brave enough to honestly tell me whether it suits. That's fine. I don't really care a hoo-hah and I like it better that way.

I don't even like orange.

Last month I struck a serious love affair with fishnet tights. And it's becoming worse and worse and possibly unhealthy. They hold a newly found place in my heart, alongside ma tattoo-tights (this is becoming some less-discrete self advertisement, sorry). Who doesn't love a bit of holey black legs? Not me, that's who! I love it. I really do. This summer (I'm laughing), I plan to wear fishnets as much as seems naturally possible. In the short British summer of about one week, I imagine I could mix fishnets into about six out of seven outfits. I don't think that would be too radical.

Today I'm throwing an outfit post at ya. Why? Because I love you. You have no idea. Also, I've thrown some crazay poses. On purpose, of course. I'm a great model and really photogenic, so much so, it's not even funny. Ignore me and enjoy. Or don't, it's a free life.

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