Thursday, 5 June 2014

Salted Homemade Potato Chips (VEGAN)

These bad boys are Slimming World friendly, gluten free, vegan, healthy, fat free, sugar free, vegetables, everything-I-can-think-of-free - should I go on? No, that satisfied me too. 

These homemade potato chips/wedges/fries (this is a choose your own situation and nationality option) are made at least 2-3 times a month in our household. Probably because they are just so easy and simple to prepare, effortless to cook, help to keep the dream of that summer bikini bod ongoing, fill tummies, and, well, everyone just loves them! More importantly, barbecue season should be flapping us in the face very shortly. Should, I said should, remember: this is Britain. So... these chips make great vegan barbecue food. They actually make great anything barbecue food. Carnivores... here we come. 'Cos summer is coming and it totally wants a smooch. I'm game. I'm very optimistic. Let's do this.

Not a lot of words go into making chips. Not a lot of motions go into making chips. Some chopping, some oiling, some laying, some seasoning, some crisping, lots of eating. Simple! The dream all starts with finger chopped potatoes. We don't chop the potatoes with our fingers, nor are the potatoes our fingers. The potatoes are fingers in size and shape. That's important, it makes a vital difference.

Next, it seems only logic to oil up a oven tray and lay on these 'taters. So, we do so. 

We like our spud fingers to be salty - too salty. So we add some salt. And we like a bit of chilli and oregano, too. Season to your preference. 

Now we eagerly push the tray in the oven on 180° and wait for some time, nothing is specified, it's all guess work. Take the tray out again, shake the chips around, push everything back in; and wait. 

We serve this salad as it is - snack time - or with our favourite add-ins/ add-ons. I like my chips traditionally... with a plate of vegan tomato and mushroom pizza. And we eat! I'll have, as a rule, roughly the whole tray. Two trays is good. Three; excellent. 

Enjoy xx


prep time.      15 mins
total time.     45 mins
effort.            Easy

serves 4 generously

-  8-10 large potatoes
-  1 tbsp olive oil
-  Salt, black pepper, chilli, garlic, oregano - to season

1. Preheat the oven to 180°. 
2. Chop the potatoes into finger sized wedges.
3. Oil an oven tray and lay the wedges onto the tray, evenly.
5. Season the wedges and drizzle lightly with some more oil.
6. Bake the wedges for 12-15 minutes.
7. Remove from the oven and flip and shake the wedges.
8. Replace the wedges into the oven for another 12-15 minutes, until baked.

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