Friday, 30 May 2014

Appraising the world of food.

And onwards with my new fruity obsession, I'll begin. Thank you.

As an accomplished successful young lady (stop laughing), I have decided to begin a food-i-licious trend. OK I'M EXCITED. Gee, thanks.

As of about two weeks ago, je suis buying a newly-discovered or exciting fruit/veg to try raw or cook into a meal. There is such a extensive undiscovered world around us and I find that half of it is unknown to me. I want to become more familiar with other cultures and develop my knowledge and experience of food. I'm a happy bunny and very eager. Get with me on the bandwagon. It's gonna be hip and hop and très exhilirating. Oh yes!

So far, on the menu has been black-eyed beans, passion fruit, frozen berries, physalis, permisson (which the British like to know as a sharon fruit. What is even with that?). This overnight oatmeal thing was new too; so were these delicious pear rolls. I want to try dragon fruit, guava and kale. Please share any ideas on other unique fruits and veggies to try. Merci!


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