Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Take me to Paradise สไตล์ผมร้อน

I'm not sure if it is the alluring idea of the up and coming summer or whether it is the idea that a summer will never come and I am making up for my tropical losses; which ever it may be, I am falling dangerously head over heals for this new/old tropical trend. I'm leaning towards the vintage-ier styles of prints - 60's style. The birds of paradise and palm leaf prints are taking my fancy especially when incorporated into scenes and tribal prints are also definitely making an appearance on the shopping agenda. I've never had anything from ASOS and I only ever allow myself the delicious eye candy of River Island when I have Christmas or birthday money hidden somewhere deep in my pocket. The reason for this is most probably that I don't have a job/ should definitely get a job/ refuse to spend any pocket money because I'm just too frugal (?!). I don't know. Nonetheless, I decided to 'browse' for 'a few minutes' (which turned out to be far too long) and figured it would just be too wrong to not love anything so kinda now I am needing to buy the whole shops - with what money? I do not know. 

Left Top // Left Bottom // Right

In other news, I am truly loving high-waisted bikini bottoms and semi-frozen vegan smoothies. Anyways, what trends are ya liking? 

Cheerio! x

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