Monday, 19 May 2014

Wearing pink before it gets mainstream.

And a summery breeze welcome to you too (Not a euphemism.),

Has the weather not been just wonderful? Indeed-o. Because, now, my friends, I am able to wear short socks to school. Oh yes! I bear and display my legs to an extent - because who doesn't love to see my longer than average, pale body components (Again, not a euphemism.). Furthermore, I sat outside and WE HAD A BARBECUE. That's important. It's a life skill. I invited with mucho jollity and sprightliness - never question my sprightliness - the many Vitamin D pals that joined my skin party (I am not purposefully making references to uncomfortable euphemisms. Do excuse me.). I was sweaty but it was  a nice sweat, a satisfying kind of sweat. Ew. I doubt this will be the last occasion discussing the weather as it is definitely a very important topic. So... I guess summer is coming. I need to prepare better. I should hydrate. I'm thinking about using more berries in some way. Berries never fail to make the kitchen look professional, I think. For the 5 days of summer, I guess I should plan more outfits, too, summer ones, yanno?

Coral Rib Crop Tee - Topshop £8
White Anglaise Skirt - Baker by Ted Baker (similar at ASOS / Topshop)
Cat-eye pink sunglasses - Charity shop (similar at ASOS)
Maxi Low Jelly Pale Pink Sandals - JuJu (Office) £20

I tried to honour summer by dressing as such, in brighter colours and including many varieties of candy-inspired goods (Cue, ice-cream necklace and mille feuille adorned ring. I thank you.). I feel like bikini weather is just not quite here yet and I'm not quite there yet. I just don't feel like I have nearly enough confidence to prance and wollop (new word?) around the street in a bikini, exhibiting my goosebumps because, although Mr. Sunny is sehr sweaty, it's not too hot. It's nice.

My outfit ode to summer consisted of a too-many-years old skirt that still evidently fits me, my new and sooooo nice cropped ribbed tee and my gorgeous jelly shoes. An acquired taste, perhaps? I'm acquired. Has the Jelly shoe craze hit your end yet, it's a thing. A really sweaty, comfy, jelly sort'a thing. The extra light layers on the skirt also double up well as a homemade air fan to beat the heat, and, so, yanno, that's good, cos' a two-in-one is always a good offer.

So... I'll be dressing up more. It's summer so I'll make an effort. 

I'll go now, Cheerio!

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