Sunday, 11 May 2014

How to say it in 'Vegan'

I like to cook because it allows me some responsibility and creative lead. It gives me confidence in the culinary basics and allows me to develop my interests and skills. I need that one thing that gives me some 'me' time and I find that whenever I am in the kitchen, people know not to disturb me. It's good. I think I use the excuse of 'mom and dad being busy or at work so I'll cook something for them', far too much. Now, even more so, that morality has come to light and I have made the decision to become a vegan, I find myself scrolling through Pinterest, food blogs and recipe books even more often for ideas and inspiration. Being in a family of naive meat-eaters gives me the challenge of cooking meals that are family-friendly and don't come across as being 'vegan'. Oh, how ignorance is bliss. 

I do believe that very often, people think that vegans don't eat anything. Or, they only eat fruit and veg. This is codswallop. Utterly.

I can feel ya being sceptical. It's really not necessary. Really. Trust in me.

Making up my catalogue of methodical routinely meals happens to be an exciting time; and one, especially, for me to reconsider and mentally over-indulge in the joys of the variety of my meals. I like to alternate between porridge, wholemeal bread (for the slimming, ya get me?), fruit in an array of forms and tofu scramble (?) - for breakfast, mainly. After I've slugged through three hours of probably never-to-be-needed-again lessons, most likely to be in the form of Technology, Home Economics or PE - I then like to think myself ready for another delicious meals. This time the plate bears the voluptuous bulk of pasta or rice of sorts - probably leftovers from some night prior. 

When I get the munchies for some dinner of sorts, I like to allow myself to imagine that I will be able to hit all flavour ranges and speedily construct an amazing meal that is systematically all being calculated in my head while I realistically put together one of the following. I'm joking. It's really good.

Top Left: homemade red onion and red grape chutney, salty asparagus and spinach, wholewheat pasta.

Top Middle: wholemeal rolls (sliced), tomato paste, chilli, garlic, herbs, mushrooms - mini pizzas

Top Right: tomato and vegetable pasta sauce and spaghetti

Middle Left: homemade chunky herby potato wedges and a warm broccoli, onion and pepper salad

Centre: curried sweet potato and chickpea tomato curry

Middle Right: lemon and sweetcorn herby spaghetti

Bottom Left: pasta all' arribiatta

Bottom Middle: scrambled tofu and veggies

Bottom Right: poached/ baked cinnamon pears and warm spiced soya milk

I'm not lying though, these all taste really good. Trust.

I feel like individually typed out recipes for each of these little beauties is asking too much of me (she says, whilst watching TV). Therefore, any requested recipes will gladly be shared, in detail - if you will. 

Toodlepip xoxo

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