Friday, 30 May 2014

Banana Overnight Oatmeal

So, I'm on the bandwagon. The whole 'overnight oatmeal' craze has finally hit me (probably about six months late) and I'M HOOKED. I love the whole idea of making breakfast way too early for breakfast and not actually having to prepare anything in the morning. So long, rushed before-school time. This means I get to wake up just that extra ten minutes later - and that's good. Very good.

I should preface the rock'n'rollin' explanation by saying that banana controls the oatmeal world and nothing should ever substitute it; but, yanno, it's a free life, so you could, within reason, replace the 'nanas with a multitude of fillings. Some of my preferances happen to be:

- Berries (sweet and sour 'cos we like that)

- Nuts and Seeds (oh yes! we've added a crunch to the smooth. Genius!)

- Apple (tarty, bitter, sweet. I know)

- Cocoa and Peanut Butter (this works just too well. Think Reeses... in a bowl... for breakfast.)

- Plain (just because we like that)

- Mango (this helps with the longing desperation for the British summer. For real, though...)

- Syrup (erm... yum!)

Let's make oats!

To begin with, we are/should be in the kitchen because I do not want to clean up clumpy masses glued to my bedroom walls - that's optional. So lets grab a bowl and measure out, or not, about 35g. 35g provides a large-ish helping. This is where you choose your own level of hungry.

Next we add the milk, and, keeping in accordance with veganism and the dream of that bikini bod in summer, I poured in ma soya milk. Generally, any plant or dairy milk would blow those oats out of the country. Thats good. You can tweak the amount of milk to your taste-buds likings. My tasting-buddies like the oats rather milky so I use a small cupful. If you prefer it to follow the suposedly-normal flow of oatmeal stodge, just coat the oats generously.

So now we're working all sorts of happy magic in this breakfast bowl.

- We're adding a filling to the oats. Too easy.

- We're mushing up that mess. Time to get funky.

This is the choose your own adventure station; and you get to decide which filling flavour you add. Mush accordingly. 

And then we have a contented tummy just like that. I know, it tastes that good. That's right. Yum, indeed.


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