Friday, 23 May 2014

Now Loving...

Grandma came for a three month holiday from South Africa, today. So... I'm excited!

Let's do this thang.

Olivia Burton watches are too darling for words. Picture a vintage charity shop with a free painbrush and funky, neon colours. Put me in this room and expect the cumulation of one of these sweet antique/modern watches. I love... get that.

We need to talk haircuts, becaue thats what's currently important. I think it's highly important to know how to care for ourselves: basic hygiene, basic cooking skills, basic vegan cupcakes, cute haircuts. Basics, right? I'm thinking definitely YES to getting my hair cut shorter. No. I mean, like, really shorter. I've been going a wee bit hoo-hah crazy on Pinterest. Hello summer. 

Soy sauce has become somthing else in my wannabe kitchen. I have been over-the-moon, substituting this sweet, salty, sticky sauce for sugar or sweetner. Too good and healthier? That makes me happy.It's a thing. Try it.

This looks unbelievably delicious and a definate must-make for the near time future. Sundries Tomato with Zucchini (hey there fellow Brits, courgette) Hummus, hello! Sometime. When I've lost my weight and got that spick n' span bikini bod... kinda soon. I am giving wireless hugs to Emily from This Rawsome Vegan Life for introducing me to the recipe. We must do this.

You guys... this shop is the bees knees. Having a smock in your wardrobe is the equivelent to having too many shoes. Nescessary life essentials. STATE the label, understands my needs for beautiful, comfortable, natural, chic items of clothing. And, really, guys, c'mon, they call underwear 'intimates'. Thats cute. It's cute. How cute?

I'm kinda in to Cruelty-Free Beauty at the moment because normal make-up is way more mainstream and unkind than we would like. I'm especially head-over-heels for Barry M, Superdrug and LUSH. Now I just need to find some money to support all these lovely causes and get me some lovely looking facial features. 

This half-term week is gonna be très fun. And, if the weekend plans involve a couch and re-watching episodes of Miranda, then it's over. Wave goodbye 'cos I'm gone. Laziness is not an issue.


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