Friday, 10 July 2015

It's Officially Called Pre-Fall

So guys, LISTEN BECAUSE THIS IS BOTH BRILLIANT NEWS AND TERRIBLE INJUSTICE - someone beat me to making the pre-fall season a mainstream thing. Just remember that it was my idea all along.

I feel like the idea of a pre-fall has always been a thing because people will end up creating their own seasons when stores force them to. It will happen. But now it has been made official and more popular and it may just be the best thing since Cara and Kendall made CaKe. Topshop are on it. Vogue is on it. Alex McQueen is doing something fabulous.

I am still waiting for the feeling of {summer has started} in the hope that when it starts it will last for longer than 3 days. It seems like a futile and fruitless dream, so I have turned my attention to autumn and postponed my sunny aspirations until our summer holiday (it is always better abroad). Autumn isn’t ready for me, though. Like, autumn is technically only here in late October. Technically. But, it’s freezing in late July and I am not prepared to freeze purely for the sake of science. 

Just move the winter forward.

We can now go shopping between late August and early October and actually find something suitable for the weather. WE WILL NOT be wearing fur-lined boots. WE WILL NOT be wearing spaghetti-strap tops. These bad fashion faux pas will just cease to exist. It WILL be a good time.

Wow, that turned into an Obama chant so quick. I’m hyped. Let’s investigate. 

photo creds:
Alexander McQueen
Mui Mui

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