Tuesday, 28 July 2015

What We Do For Fashion

So here are the facts.

This was taken outside when it was doing that weird kind of rain. The one where it isn't really raining but you're still wet and it just was raining and it will start raining again in five seconds. That kind.
It is supposedly summer. 
It's freezing.
I had a really thin cotton top on and linen pants.
I actually took my jacket off because I felt the need to show off my top. Big mistake.

It was all done in the name of fashion though, so it's ok. Just as ok as the £65 I am very highly considering spending on a polyester jumper - (Urban Outfitters, get on it)

I love this jacket though - it's like modern seventies mixed with bumblebees. So great.
I also love this top. I feel like these frill off the shoulder numbers are all over at the moment, but I especially love this one. It's a bit more modern than most of the tops that are very stereotypically '70's'. 

Also, enjoy the flowers.
Second also, the first photo only happened because I was so cold and it was very much nervous laughter - so take it as a sacrifice. You're welcome.

PS. Can we discuss Pretty Little Liars. I am well aware that I only started watching six days ago and I am even more aware how shamefully behind I am but you should admire the fact that I'm already midway through season four. I have done nothing but watch. It's fabulous and #TeamCaleb.