Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Street Style AW15 / Vogue

all photos: Vogue

OK. So here's me hoping your autumn/winter is fun-filled, stress-free and generally sparkly and packed with lots of coffee dates. This summer has been so uninspired and the majority of 'summer' (take note of the punctuation marks - they say all) has had me simultaneously wearing two pairs of Primark one-size-doesn't-actually-fit-all socks and wrapped in a blanket. For the first time in my life I am wishing autumn was here already. That's not actually true, at all. I always wish Christmas was here already but I have never never ever never wished warm weather was over. Like, who does that?

So anyway, summer ruined summer and I just want my boots and tights back. 

I got so excited when I was aimlessly scrolling through Pinterest and saw this on my feed. I am straight up loving the trends set for Pre-Fall/Autumn/Winter this year. Looking through these photos, I have a feeling whoever was in charge of writing the accompanying article was not living and never has lived in Britain. There is a 0% chance you will see me wearing dungarees shorts without tights anytime post-September. Therefore, I'm calling this more of a autumn collection, rather than a winter one.

I am in love with the massive amount of denim on denim in these photos. I have, oblivious to the 'official' trends at the time, kept going strong with this particular look over the years. I love denim on denim. I think it look so effortlessly cool - I don't really think there are many ways to mess it up or go over board. If you're really feeling it, denim on denim on denim is good too. One time I managed to throw a denim bag into the mix totalling the outfit up to four denims, but I don't like to boast..

Something I kind of expected to come along soon enough was the death of skinny jeans. We can now all shamelessly burn our multiple pairs of skinny jeans in a communal bonfire. Let's go. 

Boyfriend jeans and cropped flares are on my shopping list.

Alssooo, bohemian. I love that everyone still loves the 70's trend. If Vogue says it's still going strong, then it's still going strong. For winter, everything is definitely getting a slightly gothic revamp, with darker tones. I'm picturing vintage vampires and 70's Hollywood glamour with darker colours of velvet. I love the photo of the black waistcoat and skinny scarf over a billowy white shirt/blouse - very reacreatable and very beautiful. 

I also wanted to point out the sleek hair and the bare faces but Lush bubbles and Pretty Little Liars were calling, so, priorities

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