Sunday, 30 August 2015

Advanced Style pt. 2

I wrote this post on Iris Apfel when I really knew nothing much about this movement of incredible women living in New York aged 50+ with such style. I had only researched her through photos and other people's blog posts. I finally watched the documentry (Advanced Style) on Netflix and I FEEL SO INCREDIBLY INSPIRED.

OK, so here's the deal. I wear clothes, you wear clothes - hopefully. And we all know what clothes - whether it's a colour, a style, a fabric, an era or a store or designer - we like to wear or we would rather burn on Bonfire Night. So when people say fashion is not important or they make fun of the fashion industry, because it's too fake or too eccentric and unneccessary; surely they should reconsider. Fashion is about trends, which can be very unchallenging, but when style is added, everything becomes so unique and creative. It's all so important. It's everywhere.

I love the ladies spirits and the confidence they have in their age and how that makes them feel about their bodies. I love how little they care about what others think, yet they care so much about how they think of themselves. How can you leave the house looking less than fabulous? If I don't feel absolutely perfect in an outfit, if I haven't got the right shoes, or the right bag to complete that one look; then no kidding, my whole day feels just as less than fabulous. I may as well drip ketchup on my top on purpose. One lady said she took 7 years to complete an outfit before she presented it to the world because she couldn't find the perfect earrings. She compared her outfit to a portrait - if the portrait is not finished, nobody gets to see it. 

Another thing I totally related with was when one beautiful lady said she couldn't, though she should, wear a helmet when she rode a bike because it ruined her outfit. I get that.

One lady also said that money has nothing to do with style: a lady has no excuse to have her nails unpainted or her hair undone. Ever. Take note school rules.

In other exciting news, I keep seeing women wearing turbans and headscarves and I have a serious intense urge to copy so either expect that next or just look for a coloured nest on my head.

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