Thursday, 13 August 2015


~before leaving~

We planned this trip about 8/9 months ago. The idea is that by going somewhere closer to home this year, I can buy the entire Prada store next year. No kidding. We chose to book a holiday to Switzerland becuase of the beautiful views, the food - mainly, obviously - and the walking in the Alps. And of course for the photos. I'm actually only going for the photos. You only ever go somewhere for the photos. Kim started doing it when she discovered a front camera.

I think Switzerland will be stylish yet casual. I think it will be unexpectedly clean and I have been having crazy visions of Alpine cows eating cheese fondue and Bircher muesli for the last week. 

Things I want to do when I'm there:
  • walk on the Alps
  • eat too many freshly made warm pastries from the bakery
  • take a St. Bernard for a walk
  • ride in a ski lift whenever possible by using every possible excuse
  • See the Zermatt
  • look incredably stylish and European-ly chic in as many Swiss cities as possible

From what I can remember, the getting-out-of-the-door process was horrible - as always. Why do we always leave half of the packing until the morning we leave? And why do we always misjudge the travelling timee? Note to family: It will definitely always take longer than one hour to get out of the house and to the airport. Once out, I played as much FarmVille as one could in an hour.

What did I bring with me/what did I forget? No idea. Clothes and the general. Prior to packing, I made a list of criteria that my suitcase full of outfits should meet:

- Comfort, because what, otherwise, is the point
- Aesthetically pleasing
- Classic and minimal so one outfit is actually four outfits
- Alpine appropriate ie. anything that makes walking boots look Vogue ready...:/

I probably forgot everything sensible. I forgot summer tops and nearly died of heatstroke. You're lucky I'm here.

We spent one week in one hotel and the second week in another hotel. The first hotel was in Nendaz and the second in Leukerbad (both nearish Bern) - how very Swiss. The hotels were both lovely and very wooden and very chalet-esque. I would draw a map of the local area - but really, I take The X Factor very seriously.

Every breakfast was a bakery breakfast. I think that was one of the highlights of the area, or just the culture. The bakeries are somewhat different from a typical Greggs - everything is so fresh and definitely wipe-on-your-face-before-eating-to-test-the-softness kind of soft.

The German TV was also a bonus. German Disney. German Miss Congeniality 2. German Jim Carrey - I mean, come on.

Adgenda wise, we mainly did walking on the first three days and then tried to very a walk with a city every other day. The walks were so pretty and spectacularly my selfie game stayed strong despite the heavy sweat release.

[[(K, now we enter notes region because this is definitely dragging on and I really want to use some Lush tidbits (which is supposedly a synonym for a goodie but i wouldn't be so trusting).]]

The mountains are actually terrifying. I would love a giant St. Bernard dog. If I ever am in a death situation - send a dog. Next time I am in Italy, don't let me leave without buying some pizza. Stop me from buying three gelatos, though. Pesto is better than tomatoes - accept it. (Note to Dad - a whole bottle od pesto is really not necessary). I love a foreign hotel that still lets me watch GBBO. Footloose in German makes no sense and sounds frightfully over-sexual. (Note to Mom - buying a 12 pack of bad ice creams because they are 60p cheaper to eat between three people within half an hour is never going to be a sensible idea and we will end up throwing them away). The August edition of Elle is perfection. Dracual is both the best and worst book to read on a holiday - or ever. Cheese fondue is good but slightly overrated. The world needs more thermal baths. Massage bubbles are not relaxing - they give you back bruises. The Matterhorn is very awe-inducing but it nearly broke my eardrums. Swiss McDonalds is semi-average - my bets are still on Indian McDonalds. People don't lie when they say Toblerone is very good.

PS. I am 3 years behind and very obsessed with Gossip Girl.
PSS. This is legit 1/50th of the photos so clear out the popcorn aisle and get waiting.

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