Saturday, 15 August 2015

Vintage Shirts..

OK, so today's thought train is the 70's and vintage shopping. 

The seventies era is so complex and layered that to portray it in one single outfit would be impossible. I love the dark glamour of the era, the rock and roll, the heavy fabircs. I love the edge and the political stance that the style in the seventies took. 

I bought this shirt in Manchester at a vintage clothes market way back in December. This was the first time I had worn it and I LOVE IT. I love the deep exposing collar and the dark, bright colours of the stripes. It's the perfect shirt for days with no goals and has the ability to give any outfit a bit more boldness and colour when you really cannot be bothered. 

Vintage clothes are, in my opinion, so much more fabulous than regular high-street clothing. You end up with something so rare, so classic, so unique. If I'm honest, I don't believe people when they say they don't like vintage clothing. All trends and all fashion is really only adapted from previous decades and trends that have past. Vintage store shopping is a whole experience, to really look for what you like, opposed to what the mannequin is wearing. You have the opportunity to create your own style and fine tune it.

PS. I need to buy some black shoes. I'm on the lookout.
PPS. My bun looks hella cute. 
PPPS. I need to invest in some lipliner and good quality lipstick. 

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