Monday, 31 August 2015

The New Party Hairstyle? || Prada Fall 2015

Photos: Elle + Harper's Bazaar

Here's what happens when someone brilliant (Guido Palau) has a genius idea to pin a side ponytail down with a broach. It's a good thing, a small stroke of genius actually. Great things are still to come. This hairstyle has potential, because, really, if you have hair and a broach, why would you not just find yet another place on your body that could be adorned in jewels?

It was crazy until Prada did it. It became even less crazy when Rita did it. 
Then again, just picture hotpants in 1900. 

The hairstyle has a slight 50's/60's vintage vibe to it, yet still appeals to the Mondernist with the eclectic lines and curves. I think it could look softer with the ponytail end being curled or tousled into soft waves, and look very hardcore by adding some gelled spikes into the mix. 

Can we stop traffic with this hairstyle? There's only one way to find out.

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