Monday, 6 July 2015

Marissa Webb

I first read about Marissa Web in the new (August 2015) Elle magazine. I love her clean yet still edgy style. She was appointed the Creative Director at Banana Republic (woop woop) in 2014, but also has her own fabulous brand, Marissa Webb. 

Her whole style represents being a woman and feminism in a confident and structured and empowering way, but still with a subtle nod towards floaty super-girliness. 

A key look that is constantly popping up on my laptop screen as I look through her lookbooks, is the trenchcoat. The oh-so-stylish and very classic coat, that seems to have flitted in and out of fashion over the last few years. I think they can be quite hard to wear without looking too OTT on one side of the scale, or looking too neutral. The accessory balance needs to be perfect. I also think they can be very simple and easily casual, and so can be a great staple to any wardrobe. Marissa Webb makes trench coats look fantastically stylish, and somehow very elegant. She puts together beautiful creations that somehow turn a relaxed or smart trench coat into very appropriate evening wear. 

I also love the natural inspiration and the architectural feel that carries through her whole collections. The pieces have a definite sharp look, with structured lines and tailored shapes. I have always been more of a throw-everything-on and really express every inch of your personality in one single outfit. I like these outfits because they tone everything down but still look uber-trendy. 

Another trend that is big at the moment, and is all over Marissa Webb is the girls-are-now-boys/dress-like-a-man/Emma-Watson-got-it-right-be-a-feminist/Women-are-independant-leaders look. Get on it. 

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