Sunday, 20 September 2015

60's Mod

It's been autumn for so long, it's practically Christmas. I felt the Christmas vibe this morning. I'm placing my bets on the giant gingerbread cookie telling me to eat it from the kitchen. I'm actually pretty upset that this is my first outfit post since autumn was officialised. I feel like I've wasted the best leaves in the aesthetic calender. I need a really tall tripod or a robot who promises to take my photos all the time. Ideally both.

Until then... 

Yesterday, for the first time ever, I was finished getting ready in the morning with time to spare before leaving. I felt so incredibly proud and then all hell broke loose. I get told I can't wear a leather skirt with over-the-knee boots, for fear of following Julia Roberts - Pretty Woman style. Probably not the worst route to take when you've encountered neon bodycon dresses and people who actually think Downton Abbey is only for old people (srsly?). Obviously I responded with 'it's fashunn'. It went down as well as was possible.

Still think I was right, tbh.

Via inspo - I changed to this gorgeous blue and teal and gold block colour skirt that fits in so well with the 60's mod style. I love the dark yet bright colours - they seem so wintery but also so fun. (business in the back, party in the front)

The term '60's' is used very loosely nowadays. Poorly applying some form of a cat flick with eyeliner does not count

Also, I'm pretty sure I just heard Lord Grantham say 'on point'. The X Factor is back, Downton Abbey is about to take over TV, and Gossip Girl is being way too persuasive - I need to do homework, go away. I feel almost complete. 

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