Tuesday, 29 September 2015

let it be the weekend

I have spent the last week buying more clothes than I can afford and feeling no regret whatsoever, I would say I have learnt things, except Physics has never eally been my forte and writing lists appears to be only useful when talking about my week. So I'm making it useful.

  1. Last weekend I bought the blouse of my absolute dreams from Zara (see for yourself, it makes life 10% more fabulous).
  2. Also, Primark are selling polonecks in every colour imaginable and I bought every colour imaginable. The only relevant ones.
  3. I also bought a jumper dress purely so I can recreate one of Serena VDW's iconic looks.
  4. I also added to my coat collection because a) can you ever have enough b) I have a deep rooted love for the blazer and wool coat cross breed, and c) the tailored trend is everything.
  5. I finally went to the photobooth in Urban Outfitters and crossed it off of my bucket list.
  6. What even is a playlist anymore? I've been listening to Kanye on repeat. 
  7. I relate strongly with Blair Waldorf. Also, Spirit Blair's are a real thing, more perfect than most things and according to my horoscope, this week's Aires Spirit Blair is 


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