Monday, 28 September 2015

Tommy Hilfiger SS16


How ever many fashion weeks I live through, I still find it impossibly hilarious that the world of fashion is living in spring of 2016 already, when the rest of the world has only just entered autumn of 2015. Living life ahead of the game. I am crazy in love with this collection. Like the kind of happiness you get when you spend £49 in Primark (real thing. it happened today). So, I'm getting all these tingly feelings and shamefully planning outfits, but do I even have enough money extra sauce. Nein. (Seriously, get me a job.) 

The collection is full of 90's vibes with a very summery, relaxed feel. I am seriously feeling the bucket hats and cannot wait for them to be a thing. Birkenstock are now a generic sandal shape and that is close to being fabulous. Crotchet. Tribal jewellery. And those shoes - what should I call them? Kind of like a cross breed between a bowling shoe and sneaker. There is something very similar at Ashish and I half love - half hate. I think I'll grow to love it.

So, I would say treat yo'self, but you know - sauce takes priority.

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