Sunday, 13 September 2015

the return of the 60's

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1. urban outfitters
2. topshop
3. zara
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5. urban outfitters
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1. urban outfitters
2. urban outfitters
3. h&m
4. asos
5. asos

I'm baacckk. I know it's been 11 days - I counted. I also know that I keep saying I am trying to be more active on a regular basis, and I know even more that this attempt keeps on failing. I have no excuse. Truly. But I do have a really good Pinterest atm because I have been spending way too much time searching 'how to turn your bedroom into a fort' and 'how to stipple' - have you noticed the trend?

After experimenting with the worst trends (remember those awful white plimsole smeaker things) and fawning over New Look and Primark manequinns in my pre-teen years, I have come to realise that my utmost favourite seasons are the 60's and 70's. I had a mini heart flutter moment when I was reading the August Elle magazine and saw the recurring editorials with such a 60's influnce.  I stumbled upon my love for this era in 2013, I think, when the trend was huge. Since a really young age, tailoring and trench coats have been staples in my capsule style. I love the two different styles this trend can take: either bright colours and geometric prints with the mod trend, or very preppy and tailored vintage looks. i cannot wait to wear berets and tailored shorts and trousers. I am also incredibly excited to buy some 60's mod sunglasses. 

Today I swapped my summer wardrobe around with my aw wardrobe and it felt so exciting to see all the new clothes from last ear that I can now rework and wear again. The joys were real. 

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