Saturday, 26 September 2015


How cool?! Just HOW COOL?!

So, it's like they wore couture to a primary school art class and came out covered in glitter glue and then really made it happen.
Gothic-y clown-y urban-y vintage-y - dreamy

From following the LFW hashtag on every social media site I busy myself with, I felt it was only consistent to then follow with a post. 

If I'm looking through a round up of Fashion Week's shows, the ones that will stand out to me often involve mountains of glitter, bold colours, bits of fur thrown around the room, some cute stuffed toys added in for extra god measure, obscure forms of transport, loads of textures and different materials and layers - you know the drill. Ashish ticked almost all of those boxes (except the stuffed toys, RIP). I loved the cool, eclectic feel that the models carried with them down the catwalk, and the wide mix of crazy fabrics with huge dimensions. 

I love the whimsical softness mixed with the dark and bright heavier denim. Luv it.

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