Friday, 2 October 2015

comfort x style

An outfit takes guts and confidence, often inspired by Pinterest or shopping money-spending overdoses. When I get dressed in the morning, it is a stressful process. I could never just put on outfit on. By the end of the rigorous exercise workout taking clothing on and off again – you could expect somewhere between 3 and 5 outfits strewn on the floor. The full picture (if you’re interested) is me, either dead on the bed or hyperventilating in front of the wardrobe, with a cup of tea gone cold at the side, tears probably streaming down my face, I’m trying to multi-task with doing my makeup, hair and getting dressed at the same time. I then put all my hope into Pinterest in the hope that I will find some inspiration for an outfit. Sometimes I look on Zara too. I definitely find it hard to be one of those people who can just ‘throw something on’ in the morning. My outfit take intense planning and nights of doing catwalks and mirror modelling. I’m working on comfort though.

Sometimes you just have an epiphany. I have been thinking what I could write a blog post on for a few days now and absolutely nothing came to mind - nothing. I had a crazy thought, when I was walking to my next lesson after lunch – that maybe, you could wear comfortable clothes and still look fabulous. A real genuine epiphany – I got the striking and the sudden and all the other definitions in one.

I think that’s my downfall, though. I really like my outfits but I am always so uncomfortable and then feel so irritated all day.

Some days, you just don’t want to wear anything constricting or tight (most days). I thought of all the things I would happily wear on a day at home: when I couldn’t care less about showing off a figure, and I want comfort over everything else. Ordinarily, I would wear sweatpants if I’m really taking lazy to a new level, but seriously can people please stop wearing sweatpants out in public – it has never been OK, it never will be OK, not even to the gym. I love dungarees dresses because they are so loose and baggy but never fail to look good. I also love the feel of linen trousers but, again, would never wear them out – so I was browsing on Zara and found relaxed fit linen culottes - actually perfect! I’m also thinking about floaty shorts and loose box style dresses.

So these are just, like, nicer versions of pyjamas and sweatpants.

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