Tuesday, 27 October 2015

HALLOWEEN: Victorian Goth



I'm not writing this post. Siri is writing this post. I'm just dictating as Siri get's everything down. It may be very impractical and autocorrect far too many things but really, I think it's the way forward. Now I can use my hands for what is really important: painting my nails and scrolling through Instagram. 

I'm prepping for Halloween - mentally, if not physically. I've not actually planned anything outfit-wise, nor anything-wise. But, you know, we've bought pumpkins. I have four Halloween outfit ideas going at the moment. I've left it very late this year and probably won't do anything about it until the morning. Or the evening. But it's all good and OK and it will turn out fabulous - says she with no clothes or makeup and 0% decisiveness.

1, 2, 3 - Topshop
4 - Zara
5, 6 - ASOS
7 - Urban Outfitters

I love this idea: Gothic Victorian. I think it's slightly different from Steampunk - which is a bit more funky and creative. I think Gothic Victorian is very elegant and quite mysterious - like high fashion that suddenly became very sad and mournful. 

I also am really loving the idea because the gothic trend is already very big this season and so any necessary pieces would be really easy to find (point in case: above).

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