Monday, 5 October 2015

my autumn coat

I am so excited to show off my new coat. I bought it last weekend in Liverpool. It's from Primark - wowzers. This is all part of my comfort-mixed-with-style new wardrobe plan. I was in real need of some simplistic, neutral coloured clothes that would be easy to throw on in the mornings. 

Meet the first in the family. 

I am also feeling deeply inspired by Kimmy K at the moment. It's that kind of beautiful happiness you get when you know you got the answer so right. I love her style and I've been looking at all the layers lately: figure-fitting bases with long draping coats and shirts over. So the coat works here, too.

I love how this coat was mistook for the look-a-like from Topshop. It has a lovely hang, cut and fit and looks good quality. What a bonus. It is lovely and warm, so incredibly soft and so big that it works wonders when you need to snuggle with the air or smuggle in a few extra jumpers. The coming cooler months are sure to be very inspiring. I feel very very confident in the coat and love the masculine, sharp shape. It is perfect for the tailored trend - baby steps onto a full suit. Still though.. it's so gorgeous and a definite game changer.

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