Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Alexa Chung x British Vogue (The Future Of Fashion)

the full series on the British Vogue YouTube channel

It's Sunday which means I wasted half of my day in the bath, I gave myself two apparently soothing face masks, had a really solid Pinterest browsing session, online-shopped on sites that charged ridiculous postage (seriously?..), and obviously watched more than enough YouTube videos. I would say these are my guilty pleasures, but they're so consistent that I think I've stopped feeling so guilty about them. 

I only recently discovered the British Vogue channel when I was reading Ellie's blog post. It's tragic, and to catch up on a missed lifetime I've been binge watching all the 73 questions series (also very worth watching) and every catwalk snippet there is. 

FUN FACT - 'binge watching' has been added to the English dictionary. How our generation is progressing. It's very necessary.

I feel like I'm a serious late bloomer. With these videos... 

But if, like me, you had to focus on other important matters (sleeping and dressing up are very important matters), and have only turned your attentions to these fabulous, informative, très funny - and Alexa Chung will never not be the biggest style icon. 

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