Saturday, 28 November 2015

what should i wear?

The week's outfit inspiration.

Well, this is just fabulous. I would probably wear tights and ditch the socks because not all of us live in an all-year summer. I adore the colour scheme.

You don't want to go all out and run out of outfits for the rest of the week so casual feels right. Also, denim. Denim on denim. On denim.

Layers, layers, layers. I feel happy thinking about it. Happy like you should feel on a Wednesday.

Nobody knows what do to on a Thursday. It seems appropriate to wear something fun yet classic though, and the white turtleneck adds a gorgeous 60's feel that I am so about.

Friday is the moment you realise it's almost the weekend, so of course high boots are the way to go. And the black is to show the world you are in mourning for the week gone by that you completely wasted and did nothing productive in but are going to pretend was the week you met Anna Wintour and Justin Bieber at the airport. 

And the week you met John Stamos on a plane... and he told you you were pretty. 

For the day when you're not quite ready to settle into Sunday but you are so ready to leave the week behind. Fun but understated. Like cats. I also love the casual 70's vibe, with the blouse and everything.

Sunday Funday. Or Sunday, throw-your-comfiest-clothes-on-and-a-huge-coat-to-cover-it-all-up-day. The latter, obviously. But who said comfy isn't fun? Not me. A scarf is an added bonus because it makes your neck warm, it feels fluffy, makes your coat look x10 more on point and you get crazy colours. 

all photos from Pinterest

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