Tuesday, 3 November 2015

My 2 Year Blogging Experience

Today I have been blogging for exactly two years. Imagine the 2013 Daniela blogging on this very same laptop. Just imagine. 


Things I love about blogging:

- I have excuses to dress up and pose in front of a camera
- my attention to fashion and my own personal style has developed
- I have even more reason to shop online
- I have become more confident in front of a camera
- I love discovering other fashion bloggers
- It gives me something to work for
- It helps me learn how to manage deadlines
- It's hella fun

My biggest regret? That I didn't screenshot every blog layout i have ever had. I can still remember a vintage, dusky pink background I had with the most basic, stereotypical Blogger design one could get. At one low point in my life I also added a dog calender to the sidebar and at a very high point I changed it to a cat calender.

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