Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Betty the Cat

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Did I mention that we adopted a cat named Betty, aged 4, the first Monday after Christmas from the RSPCA as a late Christmas gift.

It would be fair to say I am a cat lady. About three cats away from being a cat lady as thats the leverage I would give before enough is enough. Since adopting Betty I have taken cats so much more seriously. I like to think that Betty is ultimately the best cat. She spends the majority of the day sleeping on the chair that gets the most sunshine and loves being stroked behind her ears (at leats that's the message I'm getting). I have noted that she has an awful sense of balance which should probably be checked out because I haven't met that many cats with the talent of falling off the same chair four times in a single cuddle-session.

Betty also wins all the golds in the bathroom department. She refuses to go to the toilet unless you are looking away, and can we make a mental memory record on the cuteness of this action? - she cleans herself so often with all body parts in the air and then puts herself to bed. Like, she actually goes to her bed when she is tired and lies in the dark and sleeps. Try that for catwoman - like human, cat?Thank you.

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