Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Casual Winter Black Turtleneck and Jeans Outfit

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My mind goes deep after 9pm. I get all the sensitive, inspirational, world-leader thoughts out of my system and it's usually now when I start to configure my barbie doll empire. Get ready. Like, now, I am all about sketching a life size self-portrait and eating dessert spaghetti (Buddy style). The way things are going, my late night epiphanies will either lead to something extraordinary or something really dangerous, probably involving a vegan waffle overdose and a life support machine. I'm focusing on the extraordinary. Optimism.

So apparently, the rest of the world know these rad tops as turtlenecks, not polonecks, mom. I should know considering I wear them 5/7 days a week. I know now. Life has been off-the-scales freezing this past week, therefore I haven't been able to feel my toes anytime other than bath time. I have also taken to wearing 3 pairs of socks, a scarf and the sassiest earmuffs and a vest, top and two cardigans inside the house. Stuff went down and it got serious. This is mostly why I look like Olaf in these photos, frozen. Also, don't focus on my thighs going sky-high and really doing their thang. I would try to embrace the newly found Christmas chubby except I feel like an overweight underage pregnant baby whale.  

We also rescued a cat from the RSPCA Animal Shelter, and she is cuter than you or your cat will ever be. I am almost certain she gurgles her food because some pretty amazing sounds are created in her mouth during eating. She is also super shy and I would show you her but all you would get are photos of blurred fur. You can meet her really soon.

*The suspense has built.*

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