Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Jason Mecier.

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This is really just a post for me to spill my thought on this amazing and ultra-cool assemblage artist. Jason Mecier, this is your time to shine - someone go get cake.

I don't know if you know, but I do art at school. I stumbled across Jason Mecier's blog during one of my find-art rampages (It's a thing, it works - don't hate it 'till you've tried it). 

Guys, seriously, is this not the absolute most amazing thing to do with junk, like, ever? Thought so. Jason Mecier takes assemblage to a new level. Things could get so metaphorically heated, we would need sungalsses. He was inspired by his grandmother and had no official artistic training and began by creating pictures out of dried household foods. He now uses bits of old junk; packaging, batteries, yarn, paper, buttons, jewellery, fabrics, crayons, magazine covers - and glues them together to make these portraits. Note that he also does a bean and pasta series, a candy and a wool series. 

Someone get this man a Nobel Prize. Or a Grammy. Or a BAFTA. idk

He typically uses trash that is in some way related to the celebrity pictured. Barbie paraphanalia for Honey Boo Boo; empty alcohol bottles and handcuffs for LiLo. Oh, and bacon for Kevin Bacon. 

I love his iconic style and the creativity of anything-goes. Literally. I love the comical sense added the the seeemingly innappropriate objects included and how the junk is always so befitting, if not tongue-in-cheek, to the celebrity. It's like I know them so well already, just because I know what kind of hair comb they stereotypically use, or what deodrant can looks like it might be theirs. On a first name basis, yanno? Hey Taylor. 

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