Sunday, 4 January 2015

Shoulder Length Hair Inspiration

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So here's the deal: my hair is at a crazy weird length at the moment - not quite ponytail long, but way past the bob definition. I had to redesign my go-to 7 day a week hair styles after I had my hair cut. I used to select a hairstyle out of about 3 reliable and well-tested choices and hope that no one would remember I wore it the previous Monday. Then I realised that brushing hair isn't a hairstyle. And I can't do ponytails really anymore. Instead I've been getting into chignons and loose plaits and digging middle partings which probably/definitely don't suit me except no one wants to tell me. 

Ps. It's 4 days into the new year. The resolutions are going full steam ahead. I resemble less of an underage-pregnant-whale at Christmas. I look 67% more like a zorse hybrid (so much cooler).

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