Friday, 23 January 2015

Things I Am Contemplating This Week

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This post was intended to be an outfit post. What with new year resolutions in full swing and so ready to be dropped, I obviously have my blog posts planned out up till June. You definitely should make time to read it because it is super sassy and the Beyoncé (??) of blogs and will most definitely/probably be the second best thing you could do with your valuable time. Maybe, I like to think so anyway. I'm going to aim to keep this blog going full-steam ahead this year with minimal breaks and quality-not-quantity posts on the regular. For real. I'd like you to join me - most likely in spirit. 

The photos were all ready and taken and edited for this post, she says. I apologise prehand however I just couldn't impose them on anyone. I'm still working on the Chritsmas booty. Give me two weeks. 

Things I Am Currently Contemplating This Week.

  • Can I get a Victoria's Secret hot-bod by walking 20 minutes back from school? And, like, no other excersize. Minimal.
  • Should I start a new hair trend for 2015? #greasyhair
  • Please can I get another green tea?
  • Dude, the hidden euphamisms and metaphors in this video are getting serious. Parent's are talking to their kids for the first time about the ins and outs of baby-making classes. And the stalk. And the belly button routine. 
  • Why do I feel so guilty that I ate those biscuits? (1/3 of the pack... + more)
  • Huffington Post have got it down to a T in this article. I am going to forget about juice cleanses. 
  • I thought it would be so fantastically spectacular to go gluten-free, yano, with all those health benefits. I also thought I could do Physics, but then I remember Biology is my forte. Hobnobs are my forte.
  • Bed or new BBC drama? It's so very clear who has the heads up on this game.
  • What is a belfie? Does the camera stick go up your bottom or does it take a photo of your bottom? Please enlighten me.
  • I have as many hours in the day as Oprah.
  • Will the green tea I am about to drink result in less carbs being absorbed (??) because this is all very important. Those 23 digestives, 2 Nak'd bars, 12 dates and 5 dark chocolate pralines need to know.
  • Man, all I want is a Hobnob. Dieters, make of it what you will.
  • Pinterest motivational quotes got too real. 
  • Do I shave my legs or stay bffs with super woolen tights?
  • Homemade broth is the new food trend. It is never just about broth, it's a culinary experience.

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