Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Flower Fairy (Outfit)

Pink cargo shorts made something else by recycled silver crystal sandals. 

Our holidaying spirits had by now taken us to Orlando. I like to think that this is the ideal summer shopping trip outfit (or I could just be saying that to convince myself that I was dressing tip-top 100% accurate every day). 

I had a competition going throughout the entire three weeks that I was away: how often can I wear super comfy shorts, a) without washing them, b) still while making them look pretty and stylish, and, c) after giving up all hope on skirts and tight dresses. Though loose flowy dresses still hold their own, who can be bothered with rubbing thighs - ever? I was still a contender on this day (evidence, evidence) but continued to fail several times since then - blaming it on this dress.  

Now, because it's autumn, cold, grey, losing its redness, wet and generally not this-outfit appropriate; the best I can do is reminisce about the easiness and absolute loveliness of these shoes, shorts and top. I know that I will be wearing the different pieces again next summer (i.e. making me not a completely useless organiser because this can still be used as inspiration in the future). I love the relaxed and casual feel to both the top and shorts, and the soft cotton makes them strong candidates for literally every day

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