Sunday, 20 November 2016

How To Personify A Palm Tree In Summer (Outfit)

Does green and neutrals + a wicker basket make me look like a plant? Voting opens now.

This is the second in the new, unofficial series demonstrating how disorganised and generally ineffective my life is right now (first: here). I have started college now and despite the sporadic bursts of happiness and excitement (clarification: I occasionally enjoy occasional topics on occasional days), the stress is overwhelming and my lack of a hobby or time to do anything other than school-related work is becoming a significant problem. I have chosen to do Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Early Modern History as my A-Level subjects. I decided not to take a creative subject/textiles/graphic design, because I felt like I would benefit more from continuing to write on this blog and style outfits as a hobby, rather than in pressuring structured lessons. 

These photos were taken on our first day in Delray Beach. It was indescribably hot - understandable, after coming from the luke-warm English summer weather. I wore this outfit to breakfast, and then later to do some grocery shopping to stock up on food. Visiting an American supermarket is 100% day trip worthy. Cropped mint green rouched tops have probably never been a thing and may possibly be making me look like a nursing toddler at this very moment - but really, what is fashion without unexpected bursts of 2007/working hipster jeans into an outfit/ wearing blue eyeliner. I actually think the top is really pretty and feminine in an unpredictable way.

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  1. Such a cute outfit, and I love the bag <3

    x Caroline