Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Khaki Is Alive Again

Khaki is a recurring autumn colour - the same way that the nautical trend is a recurring summer trend. Khaki falls squarely in the 'new neutrals' category (Alternatively known as olive, green, mushroom, leather, moss, forest, spinach, willow). I have a love-hate relationship with neutrals. I love white, navy and blush but am not head-over-heals for black, grey, tan or brown. I never used to be a khaki fan, thinking it was dark and drab - until this season. Khaki has had a huge influence on fashion for the last few years, thanks to the Kardashians and everyone remotely linked to them (Kanye and Kardashian/Jenner fans - read: everyone). Casual! Comfortable! Extra sleep time! I love how easy it is to thrown this trench coat on over the easiest outfit combination and tick two seasonal trends off the list in one go. The whole outfit has a subtle 70's/80's feel; yet the simple minimalism makes the outfit so easy to wear. 

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