Saturday, 19 November 2016

Should I Buy This?

Gretchen: Well, I mean you wouldn't buy a skirt without asking your friends first if it looks good on you. 
Cady: I wouldn't? 
Gretchen: Right.

So currently on my unofficial mental 'list' of things I want to buy, I have: an oversized black hoodie, a grey chunky knit, straight leg jeans black skinny jeans, a Christmas party outfit and pink pom-pom earrings (bought). I haven't found the black oversized hoodie or Christmas outfit yet, but everything else has been selected and I'm ready to order. 

I prefer to buy clothes online rather than go shopping in store, purely because of the greater variety. Pros: all the choices; cons: serious returning stress. Someone once said (I think it was Oprah), that you shouldn't buy anything unless you've spent two weeks thinking about it. I try to use this as a loose motto to follow - it usually works. I also like to only buy things if I have a specific outfit that I want to buy it for - i.e. if I am looking through my wardrobe and realise that several outfits would look much better with more feminine shoes, then I would start looking for a pair of more feminine shoes (another reason why buying online is preferred). I find that physically going shopping is more of an activity or a day trip and less of a way to productively get something you specifically need.

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