Sunday, 20 November 2016

Blue Floral Midi Dress (Outfit)

Writing this post is like writing an essay the night (read: half hour) before it's due in: you've forgotten everything relevant, you have distant memories that something fun happened around that time and you're life is basically falling apart.

You can either take this as an opportunity to realise how disorganised my life is right now, or use it as preparation for next summer. Either would make sense. I had the most amazing holiday this past summer in Florida (a specific post coming soon) but all the outfit photos I took seem terrifically late - so much so, it's almost comical. 

I'll set the scene. We were about to go to dinner, my hair was still damp after washing out the chlorine from the day, the sky had just hit its cocktail-hour-pink hue and then I nearly caused the family argument of the year by forcing Lexi to take these photos (someone hire me an Instagram photographer). Things I can remember: a) this was the first holiday in my life that didn't leave me with a severe no-nonsense sunburn *PRAISE*; b) this dress and I had a minimum of 3 uncomfortable encounters with the wind and a flashing situation; c) the belt tie was pretty tight to begin with and I wisely decided to wear this dress to an American-style eat-all-you-can buffet. Food for thought. Literally. 

Stress and joy in one.

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