Sunday, 10 August 2014

Banana-y French Toast (vegan)

Dear French Toast,

To what extent do you enjoy being eaten? I imagine it has unbalanced amount of both pros and cons. Following this morning, a morning of French toast (indeed), I am writing an ode to you, French toast. Why? I have no credible nor convincing argument to answer with; but I like you very much, French toast, and I'd just like you to know what a great encouragement you provide for my stomach and taste buds in the morning. I often crave you. 

Are you really French, or is that another tricked theory? I wonder. As you happen to be a common breakfast occurrence in our household, I would really love to know. 

So, we've discussed breakfast tasties before - we've showed appreciation towards Banana Overnight Oatmeal and we've kinda discussed veganism (in passing). You're another one for the album and you sure are good. Obviously, you're made following Minimalistic Baker's recipe... Because it's the best going.

I discovered early on that other family members are not vegan guys, they're eggy French toast guys. But, the thing is, I'm a vegan gal. Our common ground? Topping you off with delicious extras and accessorizing up that vegan recipe so even the carnivores love you. We're so clever, right?

You happen to have a very versatile build and seem to be up for any smothering. That's good... thanks. Do you enjoy being drowned in syrup? I can't help but thinking it may have some sticky consequences (sorry) and it may leave the user, you, feeling somewhat sugary. But, I like you sweet, so, um, (please) deal with it. 

I like to smear you with peanut butter (sometimes almond butter is substituted when I'm feeling particularly Pinterest-y), sprinkle you generously with cinnamon and sugar (sometimes lemon or lime is added too) or dress you (more like drench you) in syrup. I figure, this way, I can quench my undeniable hungering for sweet and savoury hybridized into one; my stomach gets be filled; the kitchen smells great (!); and you definitely are more readily devoured. That short-lived moment of syn-ergy feels really good. 

Obviously, because nature and gravity are just so mean, some of us (don't...) are forced to lean towards the healthier box of groceries. On those sort'sa days, I like to top you off with some fresh banana, sometimes cinnamon; or, when bitten by the bug of originality, season you with salt and pepper (trust me). Now you feel fruity-cool and très/über (multi-lingual, I thank you) zingy and fresh.

I have an appetite for you, French toast. That's good, right? Thought so...

So, yeah, concluding this ode - you often get topped with:

-  Syrup
-  Cinnamon and Sugar
-  Lemon/ Lime
-  Peanut Butter
-  Banana and Cinnamon
-  Salt and Pepper

You taste really good, I like you, thanks. We should do this more often. Talking to items of food really opens up so many new possibilities.

Cheerio! Love Dani xxx

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  1. looks so tasty!! never made french toast vegan style before, love the idea of adding cinnamon though x